Sunday 24 March 2013

Pope Francis ditches the Bling.

Well, His Holiness Pope Francis is of to a good start.

It seems he's got rid of the outrageously extravagant golden throne and replaced it with a more modest plain white chair.

Gone too is the raised platform carpeted in finest red trimmed in gold.

The ermine lined red velvet cape and the elaborately gold embroidered stole are conspicuous by their majestic absence.

That's not all... Those beautiful red loafers, hand crafted by Pope Benedict's personal cobler: Andriano Stefanelli are replaced by comfortable plain black lace-ups, a little battered but well cared for.

Gone is the beautifully intricate golden crucifix depicting some guy hanging from a torture device, replaced by a simple iron cross.

The solid gold Papal ring belonging to Benedict, according to tradition, now has to be destroyed, presumably in the fires of Mordor. Pope Francis has opted for a simple silver plated signet ring.

There is a saying "The Clothes Maketh the Man". If this is so, I'm expecting to see a switch from a Vain, arrogant, self glorifying hypocrite to someone who is more in touch with reality, someone who realises such a vulgar display of extravagant wealth is offensive to most of the world, especially to those living in abject poverty and doubly so when the man festooned in Golden Bling, living in a palace is pointing his finger at the rest of the world criticizing us for greed and the desire for material wealth.

My hope is that Pope Francis will also have a clear out of all the perverts, corruption and hypocrisy from within the clergy. Perhaps this is too much to ask. It maybe the case that the Vatican expects superficial changes to the Papal image and a thorough PR makeover will divert our attention from the fundamental flaws within the Roman Catholic Empire.

I could be very mistaken in my observations. It maybe the case that the Papal Throne makers are at this very moment constructing an even more elaborate display for another Peacock Pope... but so far... this does not seem to be the case. While far from acceptable, things do seem a little less repugnant in the Vatican.

Only time will tell.


  1. Pretty vain and arrogant to call a man you've never met vain and arrogant. I'd have though.

    1. Hythloday,
      Have you ever met me?
      And yet here you are calling me "vain and arrogant".
      Surely that's vain and arrogant of you.... I'd have thought.

  2. I think it's a safe bet. If you have a gold throne, you are vain and arrogant.

    1. Likewise, if you live in a spectacular palace, dress in extravagant finery, have commissioned your own personal cologne and sit on a golden throne, you have no right to criticise others for being materialistic.
      Surely that would be vain, arrogant and hypocritical.

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  4. can't believe so many fall for this marketing strategy. so what happened to the old throne then? strangely i never read it was sold and the money was given to the poor...? wake up and smell the coffee!

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  6. You guys don't understand Catholicism.

    All the pomp, all the gold, all the finery is NOT for the man that is pope; it is for Our King, Jesus Christ!

    The pope is His Vicar, but still a man.

    Jesus Christ alone is KING.

    1. lol whats jesus want the gold for? is he starting a new bank

  7. Michara Marie, if I recall correctly. Jesus said riches in heaven.
    Jesus never said anything about riches on earth and he never really wore any luxury stuff on earth.
    Plus the devil wanted him to have all the riches on earth if jesus worshipped him, but Jesus declined and turn that offer down.

  8. The world is deceived,christ and god does not accept the pomp and pagentry of man's indignation,off to hell the popes shall go with their father the devil,pope is man of sin son of perdition