Friday 1 June 2018

"Hey Atheists, You're going to Burn in Hell"

I don't think Gervais needed to single out the tollerance of Satanists, most religions are equally as tollerant.

I have friends of very diverse religious backgrounds most are pretty cool with the beliefs of others even when they disagree.

My Wiccan and Pagan friends all seem to be genuinely nice, tolerant and friendly people (a little eccentric but still nice people). Hindus and Sikhs also seem to be nice guys and non-judgmental along with Buddhists, Shinto and even Jews.

These religions all have one thing in common, they're all Non-Proselytizing religions.

When it comes to Proselytizing religions like Christianity and Islam, then we often get to see the insults, condescending language, sarcasm and patronizing arrogance. Atheists are not immune to this behavior either. However, This behavior in Atheism is generally a mirror response to the behavior of Proselytizing rhetoric and baseless assertions.

I agree that it's only Christians and Muslims who inform me with great glee and smug satisfaction that I'm going to burn in Hell for all eternity in excruciating pain and agony, never the Hindus, never the Pagans, Never the Jews.

The thing I find disturbing is the glee and smug satisfaction of the evangelist when they inform me of my fate.
For any "normal" person, if they see someone walking towards extreme danger and almost certain death/rape/contagion/injury they would do anything they possibly could to rescue that person from a terrible fate.
If you saw a known pedophile trying to coax a small child into the back of a van, you know that child through their own ignorance is going to come to extreme harm or even death.
You would do anything in your power to rescue that child even risking your own life to do so.

Not so with the fundamentalist Christian mindset. They believe you, through your own ignorance are walking toward an eternity of pain and torment and yet they smugly point their fingers and gleefully proclaim you are going to burn in Hell. If a "normal" person genuinely believed this, they would be doing everything in their power to save you, not smugly boasting about the certainty of their own salvation in Paradise and your eternal torment. This is the perceived behavior of a stereotypical Satanist, but it would seem even Satanists are not that mean.

Even in the Christian Facebook and Reddit Groups I frequent which I consider to be quite gentle and well moderated, there are fundamentalists who genuinely believe I'm going to burn in Hell. And yet in all our discussions, no one has made any attempt to save me from my terrible fate. Discussions seem to revolve around "wanting to be right and prove the other person wrong".

Yes, Atheists here do the same thing, but we don't believe the fundamentalists are in terrible danger of eternal damnation. The sarcasm used by Atheists is a response to this mean, uncaring attitude. Atheists rarely talk to Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans or even liberal Christians in this way. Atheistic parody and sarcasm is generally directed at the people who make direct negative assertions and claims about the values of Atheists.

LOL, Somehow I immediately hear those smug Fundamentalists saying "Atheists don't have any values".

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