Monday 9 June 2014

Catholic home for fallen women - 800 dead babies found in septic tank

This is shocking beyond belief. Words fail me.
This Catholic home for "Fallen Women" (Pregnant out of Wedlock) disposed of nearly 800 babies in a septic tank.
There are 10 other similar homes in Ireland, where there are an estimated 3,200 bodies of babies.
If this had happened in Serbia, Iraq or Syria, there would be an outcry for an immediate investigation into crimes against humanity. But when it's the Catholic Church, everyone turns a blind eye.
Police say "there is no criminal investigation at present as there is no evidence of a crime taking place".
WTF.... Apart from 800 dead babies in a septic tank.
The Catholics go to great lengths to prevent any abortion. But once your born, you'd better pray to God you're not in the care of the Catholic Church.

More Atrocities by the Catholic Church in Ireland

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