Tuesday 10 April 2012

The Clergy Project

Teresa MacBain - coming out - American Atheists Conf. 
[March 26, 2012]

This is a heart warming and inspiring speech from Pastor Teresa MacBain coming out as an Atheist at the American Atheists Conference in March 2012.

There are many thousands of clergy who are trapped in a system they no longer believe in. They are forced into a life of dilemma and dissonance, preaching and perpetuating beliefs they know to be false.

They are trapped because they have no professional skills that will give them an income outside the church.
They stand to lose their whole social network.
They will often be rejected and ostracised by their communities and even their own families.

The Clergy Project is a good cause to be involved in.
Provide the support infrastructure.. a social network.. and let them know they don't have to live a lie. Show them the escape route.

Teresa McBain did it and what did she lose.. She lost her bigotry, her hatred and her guilt.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to find just one clergyman who wants out of religion and show them how.

The Clergy Project
The Thinking Atheist Podcast (The Clergy Project)

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  1. I heard Teresa's story on NPR this afternoon while sitting in my car in the Safeway parking lot in Tucson. Yes, it's over 90 degrees here, but I just couldn't tear myself away. I became a skeptic long before I knew what that word meant. The older I get, the less I believe about religion. Since we gave up going to church when I moved from Memphis TN almost 14 years ago, I really don't know any ministers who want out of religion, but I can tell you about some who should never have gone into the ministry in the first place.

    I write a blog, rogueartistsspeak.blogspot.com/ and on some Thursdays and occasionally Saturdays, you can read one of my "rants" about either religion or politics (these days, those two seem to be synonymous. Last Saturday's post is rather boring because I participate in a meme on that day. But the week before is somewhat of a rant. My post, "Vexed" is definitely a rant.

    I am bookmarking your blog, and I'll be back!!!