Tuesday 29 November 2011

The futility of debating Creationists.

Theist:- Where did matter come from?
Atheist:- Matter has always existed in some form.
Theist:- So where did it come from?
Atheist:- It didn't come from anywhere, It has always existed.
Theist:- So who created it?
Atheist:- It was never created, It's always existed.
Theist:- So where did it come from then?
Atheist:- It has always existed, it didn't come from anywhere and never needed to be created.
Theist:- It must have come from somewhere?
Atheist:- No, It's always existed, Forever.
Theist:- It couldn't have started to exist all by itself.
Atheist:- If it's always existed, there was never a time when it needed to be created.
<Much Later>
Theist:- It couldn't have come from nothing.
Atheist:- It didn't come from "nothing", It's always existed.
Theist:- It's impossible for matter to just start existing all by itself.
Theist:- Anything that exists must have been created, that creator is God.
Atheist:- So where did God come from?
Theist:- God has always existed.
Atheist:- <sigh>

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